Crystal Falls Lariat

Weave an unique wheel of crystals and pearls. Then drop 6 stands of glorious treasures through the wheel. Finish with peyote leaves at the end of the stands to create added texture and dimention to the lariat.

Home Work

String 48 size 11 seed beads and tie into a ring. Tubular peyote around the ring for 7 rows. A side view graph is an example below. Bring to class and leave any excess thread attached.!

Supplies for class

Crystal Falls Supply Sheet

1 large tube of size 2 bugles 
1 large tube of size 3 bugles
1 tube of Delicas
At least 8 assorted tubes of size 11 seed beads 
in different colors.
1 tube of size 14 seed beads
3 to 6 stands of rice pearls any color
3 to 6 stands of size 3mm fire polished crystals
3 to 6 stands of size 4mm fire polished crystals
50 to 100 4mm crystals
7 feet of Soft Flex Wire
6 to 8 crimp beads
12, 8mm to 14mm pearls or crystals
Assorted pearls, gem stones, crystals or 
pressed glass accent beads in sizes 4, 5, 
6, 8, 10, 12mm
Size 10 & 12 needles
Power pro, Silamide or Fire Line