"Let's Face It"

Let's Face has 15 full color pictures and tubular
peyote graphs of famous faces. 
Preview seen here is Carmen Miranda. 
The Duke, beaded by Sheri Nelson, 
Author of "Alaska in Beads".
To see the other designs follow link

Let's Face It pictures
It will cost $22.00 plus $2.00 shipping & Handling.
**********SPECIAL OFFER********************
You can buy both      
For $35.00 + $2.00 S&H 

Currently Julie Creswell of Blessed Beads
has a Carmen Miranda Collection of Glass fruit.
Get them while you can!

Beading Heart Designs

8011 288th Ave #A
Salem, WI 53168

Delica* Corrections Colors for Let's Face It,

If there's any colors you can't find
chances are I transposed the numbers or 
I just made a typo.
Here are known corrections

Tutti Fruitti
DB610 LIPS is DB295
DB221 is DB22L earings
DB861 is DB681 orange center of flower
DB271 is DB751 banana
DB134 is the light purple in the hat 

The Goddess of Love
DB3254 is DB354
DB838 is DB883

Kiss Me Scarlett
DB255 is DB355

Summer corrections