Ring of Fire

Weave this stunning ring of fire
for your wrist. Using bugle beads
as prongs to catch the light of 
the crystals. Which will dazzle 
the eye and catch the 
interest of all!
Supplies & Homework
1 large tube of size
 8 seed beads

6mm bicone or round 
crystals, amount,
23 for a large wrist 
less for a small wrist

4mm crystals, bicone or round
 amount 100

3mm crystals, bicone or round
 amount 23

1 tube of size 11 seed beads

1 tube of size 15 seed beads

1 large tube of size 2 bugle beads

String on enough size 8 seed beads
to circle your wrist tightly. 
When you peyote it will shrink some. 
That is okay since the clasp will
give you more room. Peyote down the 
base strand for 7 rows. So you will 
have alternating rows of 4 beads, 
3 beads, etc. etc.