Story Beadz

Learn to create your beaded fantasy bead!
This is a 2-day workshop for the beginner
to advanced beader. You will use the tubular 
and decreasing peyote stitches, peyote ruffle,
netting and fringe techinques to complete
your bead.

Included in the class is a kit with two
different face patterns. there is a minimum 
of 6 student and a maximum of 12 per class.

Explore your imagination and design your 
own alter ego bead.

Kits are now available $8.00 for one
two for $12.00 plus $1.50 shipping 

Lifetime Necklace

The Lifetime necklace is a comprised of
5 different beaded beads that tells the 
story of a woman's life. Each bead is done
on a 22 mm wooden bead with size 14 seed
beads and various embellishments.

First she's a Blushing Bride with heavy
eye makeup to enchant her groom
and the photographer.

Second she's a now a Wife and Mother
losing herself to make everyone in her
realm happy.

Third she's Reached Her Sexual Peak at 30
Something. Trying to rekindle the lost passion 
by being sultry with clevage and winking
Unfortunatly her huband reached his peak at 18.

The Queen represents a woman who has come 
to terms with life and her family. The children
are grown and hopefully gone. Her husband has
settled into his own groove
(if he's still there).
She's free of many demands on her. 
Finally Queen of her own desires

Last is the Old Woman who has seen much
with her faded spectacaled eyes. She wears purple
flowers in her black hat. 

is on display in the collection of
Judith Schwab, 
Which can be seen in her shop
Bodacious Beads
1942 River Rd
Des Plaines, Il 60018

in her black ha

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