Victorian Slide Bracelet

With Delicas,size 15 seed beads & mini bugles you'll learn to make independant components. Then using your treasures you've collected from recycled jewelry to embellish each component and re-create the popular and elegant Victorian Slide bracelet.

Home Work

Flat Peyote 1 to 3 strips following the graph at the right. 10 beads accross and 40 rows on the diagonal down. Use the 24 karat gold or sterling Delicas. A pattern is great! Be creative, have fun. Bring these to class flat with any extra thread attached. Supply sheet below.

Supplies for class

20 Inches of Soft Flex 1 Two Strand decorative clasp (see above) 4 gold or silver crimp beads At least 48 gold, coper, silver or brass 6 or 8mm round beads. More if your wrist is larger. These go between the components. SMALL bugle beads SIZE 1 in one to three colors. Metalics & matte are good An assortment of size 15 or 14 seed beads & charlottes Delicas.( See above)2 gram per square. For a 7 inch bracelet, 6 to 7 grms of Delicas total are needed 3mm & 4mm crystals in an assortment of colors 1 or 2 size 14 mm pearls, crystals or round beads. To go into circular components. Small pearls & gem stones for embellishing Nymo or silamide size 12 needles

Sugested Delia's 2 grams per unit are needed. There are 3 units a total of 6 grams are enough. Below is just sugested colors DB1 thru DB38 DB133,134,181,184 DB501,502, including cut delicas DB331, 334, 336

Really search your stash. Look for unusual and interesting embellishments to make your bracelet personal and unique! (Nothing bigger than 15mm or larger than a Dime)

Dona Anderson
Beading Heart Design Inc.

United States

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